-grind control 2008 west coast tour with la quiete this summer!-
Too Much Information
Init Records / Shove Records

Compilation of all vinyl releases on one disc plus live set from Dudefest, shitty demo and dvd footage with plenty of strobe lights & wang. Guaranteed to make that inny and outty!
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discography | 3" demo cd

discography | split cd/lp with Enkephalin (Init Records/Slave Union)
discography | split 7" with Shakiri (Electric Human Project)
discography | split 7" with Tyranny of Shaw (Init)
discography | split 7" with Raein (Crucificados Pelo Sistema/Init)
discography | split 7" with The Dream is Dead (Melting Wing)
discography | 2x7" Pacemaker Comp. (Slave Union)
discography | cd/lp "Raise The Bullshit Flag"
discography | cd + dvd "Too Much Information" (Init/Shove)
discography | up next: split 5" with la quiete
discography | up next: split 12" with he who corrupts